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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Neverending Blanket

Last year I (stupidly) agreed to make a blanket for someone. I call it the Neverending Blanket (NEB).
She wanted Acrylic for ease of care, which I understand even though I'm a bit of a yarn snob and prefer wool.
The major problems are the colors, really bright red, blue, yellow, green etc. After this I'll probably only want to knit with pastel colors.
It's also pooling some but I'm leaving it that way. You know what they say 'One time is a mistake, two or more times is a 'design feature'.
She wanted Stockinette Stitch, and it has 375 stitches across so I have miles and miles of knitting and purling to do.
On the plus side, since I've had so much practice, I've learned to knit more smoothly and hopefully faster. I knit continental style (yarn held in the left hand) and it's supposed to be the fastest. I'm usually a slow knitter and only do about a half inch at a time.
It's getting pretty heavy. I've done about 54 inches and have about 31 more to go. At this rate she'll probably get it next year.
Updates to follow.
Close-ups of the NEB

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